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My Journey to a Sudden Change

I am watching a Basketball game and I am amazed at how the young Oklahoma City team is challenging the Lakers (sorry Diego). I can't believe how this team has improved in one year. No wonder their coach was named the NBA coach of the year for this season.

I have said so many times, Basketball is really like the school of life. A couple of years ago, the Boston Celtics won a championship mainly by adding two players (but great ones) to their roster. A year before that, they were one of the worst teams in the league. We can say that it was a sudden change.

This week I had a very inspiring experience of that sudden change. Part of my work is to help French speaking new immigrants to Toronto. It is a rewarding job at many levels; I have the opportunity to build many friendships.

In 2004, as I was a rookie in my work (and less good looking lol), I helped a guy with his immigration process. This was one of the “down” moments in his life. I didn't even know how I could help him. I did my best and he was satisfied (can I get a pay raise please?)

Fast forward. Two weeks ago I received a call from the guy asking me if we could meet. He wanted some help, so I agreed to meet. I couldn't believe what I saw when I met him. He looked great. He was happy, wearing a nice suit and the smile on his face told me that it was a different guy compared to what I saw few years back.
We talked a little bit and he told me that he had to go to have lunch with his wife. As I was going in the same direction, he agreed to give me a ride (I am always open to opportunities).

We walked towards the parking lot, and when we got to his car, I hesitated to enter it. I couldn't believe it was HIS car. This was unbelievable!! What a car! A brand new and shining BMW. The surprise did not stop there. He told me that he bought it cash and that his wife was driving a Mercedes! Oh, by the way, he bought a house too...

What a change!! He told me his entire story and I was both amazed and inspired. The image I had of him was his face in 2004 when I first met him. Now he was so different. What changed? I really don't know. All I could tell was that it's hard to judge where we are in life by what we are going through. We may be close to our goal without even knowing it. A change can suddenly happen. The key is to never give up.

The story reminded me of the time I heard someone explaining the difference between “truth” and “fact”. The facts can sometimes be misleading. But the truth never changes. For example, as I am writing now, it's 11 O'clock at night. The fact is that it is dark outside, but the truth is that the sun is shinning even though I can't see it. What picture do I see? Do I have to rely on the facts, or do I have to know the truth? In a moment, the facts can change. Suddenly, the Boston Celtics became champions, suddenly the Oklahoma City team can now challenge the champions, and suddenly you can meet me (I know that is one of your dreams lol).

Moral of the story? Do you want a sudden change in your life? Come to see me and you will buy a

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman


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