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My Journey to a Great Partnership

What a week-end!!! I don’t think I have done this before. I left on Friday for Buffalo New York for a book launch (an amazing event by the way), came back the same day and got home almost at 1 AM. At seven in the morning on Saturday, I hit the road again for a four hour drive to Ottawa. We got there around noon and I played two Basketball games (that we lost) and went out with most of the players for the reception. I went to bed at 1 AM and I was on the road back to Toronto at 9 in the morning on Sunday, another four hour drive.

I got to Toronto just in time for a Goal Achievers meeting at 4 pm, and then I went to another meeting. By the time I was done around 9.30 pm on Sunday, I couldn’t contain my excitement (I couldn’t even feel that I was tired). Please don’t think that I am on drugs lol.

In his classic “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill wrote: “There can be no richer man than he who has found a labor of love and who is busily engaged in performing it, for labor is the highest form of human expression of desire. Labor is the liaison
between the demand and the supply of all human needs, the forerunner of all human progress, the medium by which the imagination of man is given the wings of action. And all labor of love is sanctified because it brings the joy of self-expression to him who performs it”

I have found my labor of love. It’s called helping others achieve their dreams. And when I am doing that, time seems to fly and I don’t even feel that I am tired. Funny enough, out of the blue, people seem to come from nowhere to help me achieve mine. The last few weeks have been unbelievable. From acquiring Goal Achievers Canada to having great business partners, it doesn’t seem to stop.

Just yesterday, I was talking with Jean-Guy Francoeur (my new business partner and mentor) and what he was telling me got me so excited that I couldn’t sleep last night. He painted my future in such a way that I was thinking “what did I do to deserve all this?”
These kinds of moments make me remember all those days and nights (even now sometimes) when I was working hard with nothing to show for, hoping that one day I will see the end of the tunnel. Jean-Guy showed it to me yesterday. It is going to be a fun ride working with him.

For those of you who e-mailed me last week, on May 7, you will be there for a treat. Do you know why? Jean-Guy is one of the speakers. He has a solid marketing system, when put in place, can rock your world (as it did with mine yesterday). By the way, I have 2 tickets left to give away for free ($300 of value) to my blog readers (first come first served). Just e-mail me at and we will have a chat. For the details of the seminar, please go to

I am going to leave you with this cool message I got today from Mike Dooley. I really loved it

“Even though you can't physically see a tree growing, it doesn't mean it's not. Right?
Same with the world spinning? Gravity clinging? So next time the masses are huddled at your feet, pining about dreams they claim are not coming true, you might remind them of this. Every day you get closer”.

Moral of the story? Do you want to lose some basketball games and still be excited? Just e-mail me, I will tell you how

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman
Twitter: @journeymanstory


  1. Your passion and commitment to others Patrick inspires me to be the best I can be.

    I recorded this audio for your blog readers:

    JG Francoeur
    Author, MESSY Manager

    P.S. Get a complimentary copy of my book


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