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My Journey to a Breakfast

I remember the last time I was in New York, a friend of mine came into my hotel room with lots of food. I thought it was just for her, but she brought some for me too (how could I refuse). I asked her why she had brought food me, to which she replied: “I read you blog. I know that when it comes to food, you are always open to opportunities”. Somebody is reading my blog....

I shared the story with our guests at our seminar last Saturday and I told them that it was my time to give back. I offered to pay for breakfast for those who were interested in learning more about what we do at Goal Achievers. I had 7 hungry (lol) people at our first breakfast and it looks like I will be doing it every week-end (are you interested?). It was awesome (I mean the food lol). I will get back to the breakfast story in a second. They are showing Derrick Rose and the Bulls on TV. What an impressive win over Lebron and company!

So where was I? Oh yes. The breakfast thing. It was magic. People who thought that their goals were out of reach went home so excited and with an action plan in hand. Some of them had some audaciously big goals. My friend Motivatorman wants to be on Oprah's last show on May 25 (a longtime dream of his). To tell you the truth, I think he is close to his goal. Check out his blog here:

I have attended lots of seminars, I have read many books, I have taken lots of courses, but never had I experienced what I am experiencing now with our Mastermind group. It's crazy! Things are happening so quickly that our biggest challenge is to keep up with everything that is going on (how about co-authoring a book with the Canadian bestseller author, in less than a week! Are you kidding me!)

Jim Pagiamtzis, one of the members of our team, is a published author, speaker and entrepreneur . He is the founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! It has been a privilege to share my life journey with this guy! I call him Mr. Connector because that is exactly what he does. Do you need anything? He can connect you with the right person in a few seconds. Jim is so committed that he doesn't mind picking me up at 5.45 AM so that we can ride together to a workshop sponsored by Goal Achievers. Wow!!

Let me take a short break here. I need to call Kigali...

Okay, am back; but now I can't recall where I was in my story. Sorry guys. I will have to write another one next week.

Have you seen the movie “The Ultimate gift”? Not yet? What do you mean? I have mentioned this movie many times in my blogs. Please take action and watch it (so that I can get my commission from the producer lol). Anyways, a guy in the movie was asked to talk about his dream. After thinking about it for a while, he responded: “I don't know what my dream is, but I can certainly help others achieve theirs”. Wow!

I am experiencing the same thing!

Moral of the story? Do you want to have your dream come true? Just read my blogs and you will offer me free food.

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman


  1. The breakfast meeting was magical and I witnessed the power of Goal Achievers! Thanks for inviting me Patrick!

    And thanks for the mention about my goal for Oprah's Show! You are my guru for manifesting dreams!


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