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My Journey to San Diego

I did not go to San Diego (I wish I did), but every time I speak with Jeanine or Lara, I feel I am in San Diego. Hey, Jeanine, now you cannot brag about the beautiful Californian weather anymore. It's nice in Toronto as well.

Jeanine lives in San Diego and Lara is her friend. Lara, I hope we will get a chance to return to Ngoma before you head South of the border.

Have you heard of BFI (Burundi Friends International)? If you are a true follower of my blog, you would certainly remember my last trip to Montreal where I met Jeanine after decades without seeing her. That day she shared with me BFI's mission which is to help fight poverty in Burundi by providing education, healthcare and self-sustaining enterprise opportunities on a village-by-village basis.

Quick question for you: who wouldn't want to be part of this? Especially when you were born in Burundi (by the way; can't wait to be there in a few days), or if you are a person who loves to give a hand.

After my first meeting with Jeanine, we kept in touch regularly and I was made aware of the various activities they were doing in Burundi. I tried to help as much as possible. A few months later, I received a call from a woman named Lara who introduced herself as Jeanine's friend. I could hear the excitement in her voice. Do you know why she was excited? Well, she had just returned from her first trip to Burundi and with that she told me: “Oprah needs to go to Burundi. This place is so beautiful!Oprah could spend a year meeting and interviewing one Amazing and Inspirational "hero" after another.. Plus, yes, the place is magically beautiful!” Of course I couldn't agree more. However, while we wait for Oprah's visit, another superstar will be there shortly: Me. Lol.

A little while after, a funny thing happened. Lara told me that she was attending an African fashion show in Toronto and mentioned that maybe we could meet there. Well, guess what? I was the MC of the event (do you remember my meeting with Pathe'O?). Since then, Lara and I have become good friends.

Let me be the first to tell you, if you didn't already know, that there is something truly special happening at BFI. They seem to attract the right people at the right time (this time I am not talking about me). Things are rolling down in San Diego. Can you believe that a BFI supporter donated a 40 feet container to be shipped to Burundi? All they have to do is fill it with medical supplies for clinics and hospitals; and books and clothes for orphanages. How about that! That's not all; money has been raised to pay for the shipment to Burundi. Is that cool or what!

Sometimes opportunities may come with new challenges. Now BFI's challenge is to find people who are interested in helping others by donating the things they need to fill the container. Would you join me in helping them? It could be ideas, contacts or even a word of encouragement. These people have their hearts in the right place. What a commitment! They have trusted me and made me part of the BFI family and now I would like to invite all of you my Journeyman followers into my new family! In fact, consider yourself already part of the new family for just taking the time to read this blog. You can get more information on this great organization by checking out You can also see this video of one of BFI partners.Simply amazing:

Moral of the story? Do you want to take a trip to San Diego without flying in an aeroplane? Just talk to BFI people and they will get you there. You may be on your way to Burundi.

Always a pleasure


The Journeyman


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