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My Journey to Halloween

Today is Halloween. I am really amazed by the creativity of some people in creating their costumes. Some of them are really funny. I just came from an office, and the two receptionists welcomed me in a very professional way. One of them was in a fancy and funny costume, and the other seemed to be "normal". That was until I saw her name tag. Her name tag was her "costume". It was written: Kim Kardashian. I thought it was funny.

It has been a quite interesting week.

 Last Friday I sat down with my friend Emmanuel Lopez a.k.a Motivatorman for our weekly meeting. For about more than a year now, every Friday at 10 O'clock we have a call during which I help him with his goals. It has been two weeks now that we have decided to meet in person instead of our Skype meeting. I think it works better for both of us.

Last week was very special. As I was listening to his accomplishments as well as challenges, something inside of me told me that I should tell him mine as well. All this time, it was about him sharing, and I was the listener. This time it was going to be the opposite.

I told him my story, I included very personal things that I haven't shared with anyone. It was a huge relief for me to share with a trusted friend. It was a humbling experience as well.

He patiently listened to me, and he was so suprised to hear some of the stuff. Late that evening, he sent me a text saying that it was so great for him to be that trusted friend, and he thought he could even offer some insights that could help me move forward. I was so thankful.

He then invited me to an event happening this last Tuesday. According to him, something magical would happen at the event. The name of the speaker was Stuart Knight. I had never heard of him. How surprised I was to find out that the place was so packed to capacity. How come I did not know this guy?!!

He spoke about having powerful conversations. He was simply amazing. He was so funny, but what he was talking about was so true and so helpful. At the end of his speech, he shared his personal story, and I was so stunned to hear what he went through. Wow!!

On my way home, I started to think about what I heard, then I reflected on my conversation with Lopez last Friday. It lead me to really think about what I am doing. You see, I have been a coach/speaker for the last few years, I believe we are building some amazing things my partners and I, but something is missing. You know what it is? It is a sincere and open conversation.

Stuart Knight shared with us that a number of years ago, he went through a depression. And, as a "motivational" speaker, he had hard time sharing what he was going through. He did not want to tell the real truth. The day he decided to open up, something magical happened. People started to relate to him differently. They started to open up to him, and his business hasn't been the same.

I really don't know how this is going to affect me, but I am seriously thinking about sharing, really sharing with people, heart to heart on what's going on. And there will be some clean up to do with a number of people that I have let down. That is how I feel.

Moral of the story?
Do you want to share your story with the world? Just dress up like Kim Kardashian on Halloween.

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman.


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