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My Journey Back to Fun

Ok, I know you probably aren't going to accept my apologies. I know that you have waited and waited for a blog and lost your patience. I know your inspiration tank is empty now because you were relying on my stories to be inspired. I know that what I just said is not entirely true, but that is what I tell myself anyways.

It has been exactly a year since I posted my last blog. This is crazy because I broke my promise, again. I did not keep in touch with you.

I have a good excuse.

I went missing because I took time to work on some good stuff. Taking time away was not part of the plan but sadly it went in that direction.  I really wanted to both blog and work on this good stuff but with not enough time in the day and trying to meet all my other commitments I had to put it on hold.
 I truly am sorry, and I hope you can forgive me... again.

I hope once you discover what it is I was working on you will forget all the pain I have caused you by not talking to you.

 So, what is this good stuff I worked on while away you ask?

Well, in the last year, I finished writing one book (co-authored with Paul), the second one is 98% complete, and the third one is on the way.  Oh, and just yesterday I was asked to co-author a book with other awesome people.

Wait, there is more!

I have been working with a team on an amazing online course that will make a huge impact on people for many years to come (I am not overselling here!).

There is one more thing: I recently started working on another project that will bring communities together to work on common projects with the goal of making the world a better place to live.
Isn’t that awesome?

When you read the above statements, you would think I am having the time of my life. You may be right, but for a while, I was not having fun at all. The day to day work of making those things happen can take a toll on somebody, especially when you do not see an immediate result. Along the way, I lost my joy, and above all, I had lost inspiration and motivation.


A couple of weeks ago, my friend Chris asked me if I was available to speak at an event for youth. The topic was on entrepreneurship. I said yes of course. At that time, I hadn’t done a speaking engagement for a while (outside hosting events). What Chris did not tell me (maybe he did, I don’t remember) was that I would be speaking during a church service. I found myself in front of a packed church, with Pastors, Bishops and a congregation that kept shouting “amen” at my stories. It was amazing!

Before that…

I was working on putting together a soccer tournament with my co-workers. As I was speaking to the media about the event, one local radio station asked me if I would be willing to work on a live broadcast of the tournament with their team. Man, my yes was not loud enough. I couldn’t wait. It brought back amazing memories of when I use to work in radio.

My speech at the church and my hour-long radio show made me realize one thing. I had neglected my passions for the sake of work. Don’t get me wrong. I was working on good stuff, but the grind it was taking did not allow me to take a break and do things I love to do: speaking, radio, and blogging….
Now, you know why I am writing this blog. It's for both you and me:)

Stay tuned for the upcoming books in a store near you…

Moral of the story? Do you want to have fun again?  Just be invited to speak at a church and you will do radio

Always a pleasure


The Journeyman


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