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My Journey with a man of faith

Many years ago, I heard a businessman say that if you don’t have a dream, be around dreamers. Now, I am going to add to his statement and say that if you don’t have faith, be around people of faith.

I met this gentleman over sixteen years ago when I first came to Canada. After a few months, we became roommates. It was very fun evenings among friends hearing and telling funny jokes. We didn’t know what we would become later, but I knew this guy was going somewhere. He was a devoted Christian man, playing music in two different churches. He had a picture in his room with a huge crowd on it and I knew he was meant to impact people’s lives. Little did I know I would be, many years later among the people who would be impacted by his life.

We went our separate ways but kept in touch. He later became a Pastor (and I was not surprised at all by that), and I attended his church a few times.

In 2013, I was going through one of the toughest moments of my life and I needed help. I didn’t know who to call or who I could talk to. While speaking with a friend of mine who lives in Alberta, she told me that she went through the same things I was going through and it was a Pastor who helped her get out of trouble. As soon as she mentioned the word “Pastor”, I knew who to call right away: my former roommate!

Long story short, he came to the rescue and I became a regular member of his church. I learned so much from him that it isn't even funny. This man has faith I have never seen. His moves are in the category of “don’t try this at home” if you know what I mean. His commitment and sacrifice are so inspiring that when you are around him, you cannot help but try to emulate him.

One of his boldest moves was when he decided to move to Ottawa from Toronto. When he told me the news, I had mixed feelings. I was so sad to “loose” a friend and faith partner, but I was also happy for him as I knew he was starting a new phase in his journey.

Oh, did I tell you that he made the decision to move without knowing where he would live, what he would do as a job, where he would plant his new church? On top of that, he had a wife and five children.

Try that one!

I was scared on his behalf (just because he is never scared).

In less than a week before he moved, he found a home (thank God), a great job, but no church. He started his new church in his living room with wife and kids as his church members haha. I remember seeing the pictures of his (home) worship services in his living room and couldn’t contain my emotions. This is a man who gave everything he got, sacrificing his family to build a strong church in Toronto, then deciding to move to a new city, leaving everything behind to start from scratch with no visible sign of success.

That is what I call faith.

Fast forward, last week I was in Ottawa for a visit. I attended his church which had quite an emotional service. They were entering their new church location and the place was packed! I did not count the number of people in attendance, but my guess is that it was over 100 people. Oh, and this was done in just a year after his move to Ottawa! You probably already guessed that he can no longer have his worship services in his living room anymore haha.

Maybe he can.

I saw his brand-new house and I can tell you that it can fit a few dozen people. Again, that is faith in action.

His name is Pastor Christian Murengera and his wife Vanessa is about to become a Pastor as well. I am so blessed they are in my life.

Moral of the story? Do you want to have great faith in your life? Just move to Ottawa and you will become a Pastor

Always a pleasure

The journeyman


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