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My Journey to a Sudden Change

I am watching a Basketball game and I am amazed at how the young Oklahoma City team is challenging the Lakers (sorry Diego). I can't believe how this team has improved in one year. No wonder their coach was named the NBA coach of the year for this season. I have said so many times, Basketball is really like the school of life. A couple of years ago, the Boston Celtics won a championship mainly by adding two players (but great ones) to their roster. A year before that, they were one of the worst teams in the league. We can say that it was a sudden change. This week I had a very inspiring experience of that sudden change. Part of my work is to help French speaking new immigrants to Toronto. It is a rewarding job at many levels; I have the opportunity to build many friendships. In 2004, as I was a rookie in my work (and less good looking lol), I helped a guy with his immigration process. This was one of the “down” moments in his life. I didn't even know how I could help him.

My Journey to a Decision

As I am beginning a new week, I can't believe how quickly the last one went (and all the previous ones). Normally I write my blogs on Saturdays, but this time I only got a little time to write this Monday morning (please don't fire me). I find it funny that when we are dealing with something, the entire world reminds us of exactly what we are dealing with. Just the other day, I went to the Toastmasters meeting and the theme was about having a break. I was like “please don't talk about it, I just need a break now”. This lead me to a deep reflection. “Why am I this busy?” This has been THE question that has been on my mind the last few days. I can't remember a time I was not busy, but THIS busy? Not a chance. I made sure to take a break this week-end and to watch some Playoffs Basketball. Some trash talking with friends at Ngoma lounge did some good for me (free advertising for my friend Diego and a reminder to my friend Che that Orlando will go all the way to t

My Journey to the Unknown

Do you remember a while ago I wrote about my journey to Las Vegas? If you do not, then I won't get back to it because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (even in my blog lol) I mention that story because, as I was celebrating Easter with my brother and my sister-in-law, what I had learned in Vegas was constantly on my mind. You will understand why as you keep on reading (this is my way of making you read my blog to the end). As I was saying, I celebrated Easter with my brother and my sister-in-law (I said it again just in case you forgot). As I was listening to my sister-in-law jokes (she is so funny), my mind went back to the year 2000. My brother's dream was to immigrate to Canada. At that time I had no intentions of leaving my home country ( probably because I didn't want to leave my beautiful girlfriend at the time lol). My brother continually spoke about his dream. What's funny is that I was the first one to come to Canada even though it was my br

My Journey back home 

I ended my last blog by saying “Special message to the one who is reading my blog from Dubai ”. As I was chatting with “The one reading my blog from Dubai ”, she asked me if I could write about my journey back home, and here I am. Your wish is my command, as it is stated in the movie “The Secret”.  After six years away from home, it took me two minutes to decide it was time to go back (actually, these were two minutes after I received money I was not expecting lol). To tell the truth (not that I was lying before), I was so excited, but I did not know what to expect. After making that decision to visit, with the exception of my mom, my brother and one friend, nobody knew I was coming (that was my way of avoiding the paparazzi lol).  It was a sunny day in May when I landed in my cherished homeland. On my flight from Kenya , I was sitting with a guy from the US who was travelling to Africa for the first time. I told him I was a fellow North American from Canada , and he started asking