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My Journey to a higher service

One of the best movies I have ever seen is “Peaceful Warrior”. It is such an inspiring movie that I’d like you to see it. I promise not to give the movie away and I won’t talk about it for that matter. The only thing I will mention is the part in the movie where they say: “There is no higher purpose than service to others”. I couldn’t agree more. I did one higher service without even noticing. I coached Basketball (did you expect something else?) Just this morning, I was thinking about my former players and what they have become. Let’s see. We have a journalist in South Africa and she is with our team captain who now works for the UN. We have a Doctor in Germany, another one finished her studies in China and the list goes on and on. Many of them are wonderful mothers and wives (Ama, I am not naming names lol). Was I not a good coach? I am very proud of all my players. Really. However, there is one who deserves a standing ovation. Can you do this with me? Thanks for your applause (I

My Journey to a dream fulfilled

A funny thing happened to me when I was in New York a few weeks ago. It was on the Saturday and we were enjoying the great conference we had been attending. In the afternoon during our 15 minute break I went out into the street to enjoy the great view of New York City. It was a beautiful and sunny day. My friend Mike joined me outside. Off we went down the street to the building across the Madison Square Garden (I think it is the post office) We then sat down on the stairs watching the crazy traffic in the streets of Manhattan. I started telling Mike how big a dream it was for me to just be standing outside the Madison Square Garden. This brought back memories of the sleepless nights at Kennedy’s place watching the NBA playoffs until 3 am due to time zone difference. Then, just to relax, I decided to take my shoes off (I knew I had no holes in my socks lol). All of a sudden, Mike decided to do so. Before we knew it, another classmate joined us and did the same. Some other gu

My Journey to a Resort

Talking about two extremes, I came from New York City and the next thing you knew I was in a resort in a city called Nottawasaga. I didn't even know what was its exact location. What I did know was that it was a one hour drive from Toronto. It was a beautiful resort, away from the hectic traffic of the big city. There was a golf course, a swimming pool, a spa facilities, a gym, and a lot of other good stuff. I came here for a three day conference. The great food I ate and all the other good stuff I mentioned before were included in the package. There was also a show, put on for us, with a DJ that did his thing (so that I can do my all my great moves...) However (yes however), even though I was happy to be there, I wasn`t really enjoying all the fun activities. Trust me, it’s not because I don't like having a good time. From my previous blogs you know I like having a great time, however, this time was different . I had an urge to finish something. T

My Journey to New York City (Part two)

I didn’t know that I could time travel. Now I know. Put it this way. I am writing this blog on Thursday about a trip I am taking tonight and you are reading it on Monday about my experiences of a place in which I am yet to arrive (this does not even make sense to me too, so don’t worry if you don’t get it lol) First of all, a big thank you (I mean big one) for those of you who sent me your e-mails (or texts). I was overwhelmed by the number and the content of your messages. Some of the messages were coming from people that I did not even know were reading my blog (I won’t mention names that is why I won’t say I was surprised by your message Lionelle lol). My e-mail is still open for your suggestions ( All right. I am heading back to New York City . Again I don’t know what to expect. All I know is that I need this trip for many reasons. I have been playing fully (even though I feel I did not give my 100%), and I am feeling empty. I need a refill (I guess New

My Journey to My Blog

Yesterday, I went to help my friend Motivatorman move into his new apartment. As we were chatting, I realized that it has been almost four years since I met him for the first time. It has been four years of great friendship and I am very thankful that he is my friend. The first time I met Motivatorman, I was participating in a workshop out of the city (great place near a lake) and he was one of the speakers. I was not even part of the group he was speaking to, but the title of his speech got my attention. It was: “How to press 'play' when you're stuck on 'pause'. It was a great session. After the workshop, we exchanged telephone numbers; we also realized that our offices were 10 minutes away from each other. The rest is history (now I am a historic figure). Motivatorman introduced me to his blog “The Adventures of Motivatorman” and I have enjoyed it ever since. I was inspired to start my own blog, after reading his for years. He helped me to start it a