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My Journey back to New York City

Living in downtown Toronto is really something these days. I have never seen this many police officers in the city, ever. And they are everywhere. At first I thought that me being a superstar had drawn the people’s attention and the city saw that I needed bodyguards (but not this many). I wanted to let them know I was about to leave the city for 3 days, but they were not open to conversation. So I had to let it go. Good thing I did not talk to them because as it turned out they were there for my friend Obama. He has a meeting with 19 of his fellows in what they call G20 (I know he’s going to miss me as I will be away). So here I am, back to New York City again (I am about to leave in a few hours). The only question I have in my mind is this: Is New York as pumped as Toronto about the soccer World Cup? I witnessed the World Cup fever myself, today as the Netherlands won again (I am writing my blog on Thursday evening). Soccer fans were chanting and cheering everywhere in downtown To

My Journey to the good and the bad

Have you ever been in a situation when nothing seems to work? That was my life for the entire of last week or so it seemed. First of all, my home phone and internet service died the same day. Now to many this may seem like not a big deal. Heck, it was only ten years ago when most of us didn’t have any cell or home internet service. But a significant part of my business involves the use of the internet and the phone. Because of this a number of my projects were delayed. If that was not enough, I experienced a number of delays in publishing my book and to top it all off, I got injured during basketball practice (I guess the Lakers will have to wait before they can sign me to that 3 year contract). For three days, I couldn't move, and I had no connection with the world. All right. Something had to happen here! This was not the way I had planned things. It took me a few days to figure out that this was a wake up call. How? You may ask. This was a message to me that I needed

My Journey to a TV studio

What can I say? I think I need a 25 hour day (maybe 30). But I love it. My take is that when one is busy, there is no time to sin (so, I will go to heaven. Anybody wants a ride?). Working on the book has been a fun ride. I can’t even remember all of the people who have been involved in the process. It is unbelievable the help I am getting. On Sunday, we worked all day, then on Monday I had to do a presentation in the afternoon (great workshop and great feedback), after which I had another meeting. On Tuesday I had a conference call with a marketing company, and then went to a studio to record a promotional video for the book (my friend Paul’s idea). I was amazed at all the different types of equipment at the studio. For those of you who have been with me since day one, you know about the guy I talked about in my blog “My Journey to Understanding” (if not, please go back and read it. I am waiting for you). Are you done? Good. I almost became impatient. Well, I was in his studio and

My Journey to what drives me

For those of you who love sports, I know you are having fun. We’ve got the NHL finals going on, the soccer world cup in a few days, we just finished watching the French Open (congrats to Nadal), and of course Kobe is going to win his fifth title (sorry Bertrand). Speaking of the NBA, two stories caught my attention this week. First there is this story about three players of the Orlando Magic who had a strange bet. They challenged one of them to spend the entire season without cutting his hair. And guess what! He won the bet and went home with over $17,000 in his pocket. These guys have money to spare; it’s not even funny. The second story is about my fellow Canadian Steve Nash (I am not the only Canadian superstar as you can see). This guy is a fighter. He lost to the Lakers despite doing everything right to win. I have never seen him play this hard. Today, I saw a clip of him crying in the locker room after the game. It was my first time seeing him that emotional. Although I was h