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My Journey to my mailbox

So far this week has been quite busy and I know the weeks ahead will be even busier with a return trip to New York and another one in Ottawa (Journeyman is my name lol). But don't worry because I make sure to relax and have fun sometimes (which means going for my free Sprite at Ngoma Lounge). Talking about Ngoma Lounge, I was there a few days ago and I was pleased to meet a long time friend of mine. He has been in Canada for over 16 years (mainly in Toronto); I have been here for almost 9 years and it was the first time we met each other. Do you know when was the last time I saw him? Guess? No, you guessed wrong. It was longer than that! We were in grade 5. I won’t tell you how many years it has been (I know you still think I am 21). We had so much fun together as we reminisced about all the fun years. I went back to Ngoma again yesterday (as I received a text from Diego mentioning that there would be food). I thought it would be for a short while (I eat fast). Guess what! I go

My Journey to my wedding Part 1

Are you surprised by the title of my blog? Didn't you read about my wedding before? Why then Part 1 instead of part 2? This is the story before the story. I remember the first week I returned to work after my wedding. They surprised me with two cakes (they know that I am always open to opportunities when it comes to food). They asked me to give a speech (even though I was speechless because of the cakes). I told them that I was as surprised as they were about my wedding because things went so fast. They all laughed; but it was true. About a month later, everything seems to be back to usual; but not really. When I think about it, my journey to my wedding really started in late October 2009. I was on the phone with my coach at the time, Sandy . She has made a huge difference in my life. After a short conversation in which I told her my usual thing “everything is fine there is nothing to worry about” (what a lie!!), she finally “gave it to me”. She spoke straight from her he

My Journey to a meeting with Tom

The last week or so I was speechless twice (it is rare that I have nothing to say about anything). First, it was when my co - workers surprised me with two cakes at our staff meeting (they got me good on that one), and the second time was when I met Tom Cunningham. Who is Tom? I will tell you but I need you to be patient with me for now. For the last three months or so, I have been part of Goal Achievers International, a company that helps people achieve their goals (I am part of the Speakers group). We meet every Sunday to discuss how we can achieve our goals and brainstorm on how we can help each other and hold ourselves accountable. Last Sunday, we welcomed our new member. When his time came for him to introduce himself to the group, his speech moved all of us to tears. We were in the presence of greatness. Please take some time to see for yourself who is Tom. This is what he says about himself on his blog at “Despite having Juv

My Journey to a Jump

Before anything, I would like to thank you all for your wishes. I was overwhelmed by your support for my wedding. It is starting to sink in that I am actually married! It has been a fun ride. It took me a while to get back to normal after a month of December full of emotions. Do you know what I was thinking about all the time? I was thinking about…swimming. How so? I will respond to it by asking you a question: "How do we learn to swim?" For me, there are two options: you can take swimming lessons, or you can just jump into the pool without knowing how to swim. Either you die, or you learn how to swim as quickly as possible (it becomes a survival situation …). Although scary, I am a fan of the second method. I like to jump without knowing how I will survive. With my back against the wall, I have to produce to survive. Do I succeed all the time? Not at all. Do I learn something in the process? All the time. The scene is scarier for the one who is watching than for t