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My Journey back to Ottawa

It's crazy how time flies so quickly. I can't believe it has been almost a year since I was in Ottawa. And now I am back there again. Same hotel, same people, same food. The only thing that changed is me (I think I am better looking now lol) Because I arrived on the same day as our meeting I did not get a chance to meet as many people as I did last year. But I made sure to visit my friend Abdou and his wife (was it for the Raptors game we watched together, or was it for the amazing food?). It was also great to see my old friend “Black” Elvis. We had a nice chat. I was in Ottawa for just a few days, but I really needed it. On our first day I went to bed at 7pm. I can't even remember the last time I went to bed before midnight. For the first time in months, I spent my evenings doing nothing (of course if we don't include eating, my favourite hobby). As I am writing this blog, I am on the train on my way back home. I made sure to bring my audios to keep me company d

My Journey to my meeting with Bob Proctor

He is a hero of mine, I have studied his material for years, I had met him once and at that time he even signed one of the books he gave to me. But, spending three hours in an intimate setting, hearing him calling my name, him talking to me from a few feet away was just a dream come true. Bob Proctor is simply a genius. He has been studying the laws of success for over fifty years, but he has a simple way of explaining things that I found myself saying “wow” all the time. I have listened to his audios, read his book and saw hundreds of his videos. It has come to the point where I can finish his sentences before he finishes them. But seeing him live telling his story is another thing. Call me crazy, but I just believe that I will end up working with him. I don't know how or when this is going to happen, but I know I will. It is with the same belief that I know I will one day meet Michael Jordan and Nelson Mandela (being with Pathe'O few weeks ago made me feel I am not tha

My Journey to my meeting with Pathe'O

It is a Saturday night, I am heading to a fashion show in Toronto to promote my work. As I am about to finish getting my stuff ready, a guy comes with flyers promoting his own event happening three weeks from then. I know the guy, but he doesn't know me. I even know that he is the guest performer for our Black History Month event that we are organizing. As he passes me by, I just say hi (that is my marketing strategy). He says hello back and I tell him that I have a radio show that can promote his event (now I become interesting!). We exchange our numbers and we agree to meet. Three days later, he is the guest of my show. As I am closing the interview, I inform him that I will be the Master of Ceremonies at the Black History Month event scheduled for the end of the month (now that you know, you have no excuse for you not to be there and to get my autograph). He tells me that he is looking for a Master of Ceremonies at his up coming event, an African fashion show whose main attrac

My Journey to my eighth trip to New York

This is one of the most difficult blogs I have ever written. Do you know why? Because I am sitting on the back sit of a car going almost sixty five miles an hour in the streets of New York. Every time the car hits a bump in the road, I just stop writing. So, bear with me if you find yourself reading it slowly, it's because it took me a long time to write.... Here I am again in New York for the eighth time in the last ten months. Isn't it crazy? Never in my wildest dreams as a young boy had I thought I would travel this much. Let's see. Since July 2005 I have traveled at least once every three months. I have been more than ten times to North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, and once to Dallas and to Vegas. You can add to that a trip to Mali, France, Burundi and recently to Rwanda (how can I forget this one?). This trip was very emotional for many reasons. I made sure I appreciated every bit of it, because I am now turning the page. No more excessive traveling. I