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My Journey to a Retreat

The time is March 2009. I am in a coffee shop with a friend of mine. We are talking about dreams and goals. My friend starts to talk about stuff that I have never heard before (I thought I knew it all lol). I ask her where she gets all of this stuff. She tells me that she gets all this stuff from a three day retreat that she did eight years prior to our meeting. What do you think I asked her? That's right. How can I be part of this? Long story short, I did the three day retreat and my life has never been the same – and I mean in a great way. In the last two years alone, I moved into a condo in downtown Toronto (a long time dream of mine), I did a project to help kids in Mali (how can I forget this one?), I produced a documentary movie, I started a blog that is now read over five continents, I created a communication company that has allowed me to speak to hundreds of people, I wrote my first book, I traveled all over the US and Canada, I met celebrities and....I got married (anoth

My Journey to Moments of Gratitude

Where do I start? Really! This is one of those weeks where I don't even know where to begin writing since so much has happened in a short space of time. But I will try. A few weeks ago I attended a communication course that lasted two and half days. Oh boy did I need it. It was an opportunity to take a serious look at myself and identify what works and what doesn't work in my communication with others. I went there with an open mind (I heard that the mind is like a parachute; it works best when it is open lol) and I was ready to do what ever it took to learn what I needed to learn. What did I discover about myself? Do you want to hear it? Well first of all I am a business man so I don't give my stuff out for free.....however............because it is you I will tell you. So do you want the long or the short version of the story? Actually, let's go with the short version and you can let me know what you think. It is the year 2001 and I am in Burundi my home country. I

My Journey to a Meeting with a World Changer

It is a Friday evening, I am with my friends “Choulec” and Che who are teasing me on my blog, and I promise them that I won’t talk about it (and here I am, breaking my promise lol). We are all heading to an event of which I am part. The event is about Black romance in the 21st century and I am one of the four speakers on the panel. The event is a great success and people love it. I would like to think that I in some way helped with this success. I go home satisfied with my part in the event. Two days pass and I receive a friend request on Facebook from a lady named Christina. I gladly respond to the request (I usually do. Now that you know, you can send me yours too).  After accepting her friend request Christina sends me an e-mail telling me that she was at the event I was part of and that she would be glad to have me at her book launch in Buffalo next month. I say yes and we agree to speak on the phone. After a few attempts back and forth, we finally speak on Monday. WOW!!!!

My Journey to my second meeting with Bob Proctor

He is the master of the Law of Attraction and that is why he is attracting me in his life (or is it the opposite?). For the second time in two weeks, I had the opportunity to be with Bob Proctor. When he saw me again he jokingly said “This is the second time I have seen you Patrick. Will you finally get it?” Not only did I meet Bob Proctor, I also met his wife. She is also a successful business woman. This time I was with Paul my business partner. Of course I introduced Paul to my good friend Bob lol. Man, this guy is a genius. He told us a story about how his housemaid once asked him to buy a lottery ticket. Bob just said to her: “I would rather earn the money”. He went on to say that, in fact, he earned one million dollars just sitting in his kitchen meditating on great ideas when the one million dollar idea came to him. I said to myself "Well, I am going to sit in my kitchen everyday" lol. Two weeks ago when I met him, I was so much in admiration of him that his mes