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My Journey to a Great Partnership

What a week-end!!! I don’t think I have done this before. I left on Friday for Buffalo New York for a book launch (an amazing event by the way), came back the same day and got home almost at 1 AM. At seven in the morning on Saturday, I hit the road again for a four hour drive to Ottawa. We got there around noon and I played two Basketball games (that we lost) and went out with most of the players for the reception. I went to bed at 1 AM and I was on the road back to Toronto at 9 in the morning on Sunday, another four hour drive. I got to Toronto just in time for a Goal Achievers meeting at 4 pm, and then I went to another meeting. By the time I was done around 9.30 pm on Sunday, I couldn’t contain my excitement (I couldn’t even feel that I was tired). Please don’t think that I am on drugs lol. In his classic “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill wrote: “There can be no richer man than he who has found a labor of love and who is busily engaged in performing it, for labor is the highest

My Journey to one of the busiest Months

It is rare that I cancel any of my appointments, but today there was no way I could go to my meeting at 1PM. I called my friend and asked him if we could reschedule for next week. I was so exhausted. Luckily, my friend agreed to my request, and I went straight back to sleep. I had numerous meetings and commitments last week, but nothing compares to what is coming up this week. Let's see. A General Assembly of our non-profit organization this Monday, then a few meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, a three hour workshop that I am conducting on Thursday after a meeting, Friday I will be in Buffalo to host a book launch, Saturday morning I will be heading to Ottawa for a basketball game (we are having our own play offs lol), and then I will be back in Toronto on Sunday...(my theory is that when I am busy, I don't have time to sin. So, I will definitely go to heaven). I am both busy and exited. Being part the Goal Achievers Group has brought me to heights that I have never been to

My Journey to a Great Conversation

Do you have a friend that, after you talk to him or her you feel better than before your conversation? I have such a friend. Every time I talk to her I feel like a million bucks (I guess that is how she feels as well). Do you know the funny part? The last time I saw her was over 15 years ago. We only talk over the phone, but sometimes the conversation can go over two hours. Can you believe that!! Our conversation is not serious all the time, but most of the time we find ourselves sharing what we have been reading, who is our favourite speaker, or just memories of the past. It is always a fun conversation. Just yesterday, I called her to say hello, and two hours later we were still talking. I shared with her how;a few years ago I went through some tough times where I couldn't even pay attention lol. She laughed a lot and she started sharing with me what she went through as well (how about both empty wallet and empty fridge lol) Then the conversation became very interesting.

My Journey to a Great Meeting

Imagine you go for a meeting and you find yourself in the presence of a group of people including an author whose book will very soon be in the hands of one million people, a web guru who is helping thousands of people to market their businesses online, a marketing genius whose business portfolio is about to reach ten million dollars, a black belt Karate instructor who is talking about another couple of properties he just acquired and who is an expert in financial fitness, a guy who is making tons of network connections in a heart beat and a sales expert who, by the end of this year would have delivered over 80 keynote speeches and presentations to sales executives. Wouldn't it be nice? Guess what? I have been part of such a group of people for the last five months . Every Sunday afternoon, this mastermind group meets for about one hour and half to talk about our goals and how we can help each other achieve them. This group is called GoalAchievers International founded by a great