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My Journey to a meeting with Maggy

A friend of mine told me once that if you want to eat an elephant, the only way you can eat it all is one bit at time (of course if you are an elephant eater). That is how I see the project I am working on. Each and every day, my team is working tirelessly to make the project a success.

Do you remember last week when I told you about a place called “The Tanganyika Blue Bay Resort”? I hope you did not forget about it. This time I went to see the opposite. A place they call “ku Mase” near Lake Tanganyika.This place has been polluted it is not even funny. The once upon a time blue water is now black. I won't describe it so much, maybe the documentary we are shooting will show it better than me. It's unbelievable.

It has been a week of mixed emotions. I always do my best not to listen to the news (and I am a journalist. Go figure). It is a decision that I made over ten years ago, just to protect myself against any negative energy (have you heard how news are so negative?). I carefully choose what I listen to or watch. However, sometimes it is not that easy. News (especially negative news) travel so fast that you can help but hear it.

That was the case this week. I won't tell you the news I heard just because I don't want to spread it. But, as someone who loves his country, I could not resist being sad, upset and angry (that is why I do not listen to the news, they always upset me....).

I was still upset, until I met Maggy. This lady is just a gift from God. Please do a Google search and look for “Marguerite Barankitse”. Boy, this lady is something. She created “Maison Shalom” many years ago to help orphans, and what she has done over the years is simply amazing (please click here:

Marguerite, called Maggy is one of the characters in our documentary. I had met her before in 2002 and she told me what she was doing and I was speechless. Nine years later, I am still speechless. All the negative news I had heard before simply disappeared when I said hello to Maggy.

This is how it went

Patrick: How are you Maggy? (with a hug)
Maggy: I am doing great Patrick. I have chosen to be a light in the middle of the darkness. You can do it too
Patrick: Speechless...

It was as simple as that. The rest of the time I was just listening to her. We promised to see each other in October when she will be in Canada. I was with greatness (and I guess she was too lol)

You know what? If we all chose to be the light in the middle of the darkness, this world would be a better place to live. That is my opinion (sorry, Maggy's opinion lol).

Moral of the story? Do you want to meet Maggy?. Just shine in the middle of the darkness and you will I will then present you to Maggy.

Always a pleasure
The Journeyman


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