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My Journey Back On Stage

After a busy month, things are getting back to normal. Our house is starting to look like a home (much less than a warehouse lol).

I had a great day today. I was back on stage delivering a half an hour presentation (the first of a series of four presentations) and I had so much fun. I am speaking again tomorrow with my friend Jim, and on Friday I will be facilitating a Mastermind session hosted by my friend Bonnie.

After my presentation, I went to say hello to my former co-workers; it was really great to see them again. As I started to joke with them, one of them came out of the meeting room and asked me not to speak loudly as they were shooting a promotional video for their Black History Month event (I heard they will have a celebrity as their MC, I wonder who that person is...). Guess what? They asked me to be interviewed right there on the spot (good thing I was already dressed for success from my presentation earlier on). What an experience!

As I began my 4 hour meeting yesterday with Paul, he said something I longed to hear for years. He said “I can see you lost weight. Congratulations”. Oh yes I did. No, sorry, I didn't. My wife did it. Man!! It's been a month of serious eating discipline for me. And you know, in terms of food I am always open to opportunities. Not having that extra slice of bread in the morning, asking permission to include ketchup in the groceries list (and justifying that it's for our guests lol), not including Tim Horton's iced cappuccino in my thoughts...has been a tough exercise for me. But hearing that comment from Paul (who has been teasing me for years about my weight) was worth all the pain and misery I have been through for the last few weeks lol

Seriously though, I promised my wife to lose weight and she has been holding me accountable ever since. I am so thankful that she is there to remind me of my goal (and I can tell you that she is doing a great job).

How many times have we decided to do something and later on found ourselves falling back into our old habits? Having someone to hold you accountable can be of great help. At Goal Achievers, we have a great system which does just that for our clients! For the last eight months we have tested it and we have had great results. Now let me be honest with you, it isn't comfortable but it brings out the best in you giving you that great feeling of accomplishment.

My challenge to you is to find someone who can hold you accountable in whatever you chose to do, someone who can tell you the truth regardless of how you feel about it, someone who cares about you enough to push you over your limits, and you will see how your life will change in a matter of weeks. The secret is to create new habits long enough so that they become second nature. Now, I don't think so much about eating out or having that extra slice of bread in the morning. I am now starting to have fun with it (especially when I start hearing good comments like Paul's).

Always a pleasure

The Journeyman


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