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My Journey to a Week of Celebrations

It has been a week of so many celebrations in so many areas. For movie fans, the Oscars took place this past Sunday, for Basketball fans, it was the All Star Week-end festivities, and for me, it was my turn to celebrate the Black History Month ( I was the Master of Ceremony at an event this Saturday). This is the seventh time I have offered my services as an MC at the same event, and in each year it gets better and better. This year, my good friend Nicolas was performing and, as usual he did his thing and we had loads of fun. But for me, as you all know, the most important thing I pretended that, as the MC, I was very busy so as to avoid lining up for the food. Needless to say I was among the first ones to eat lol. By the time I got home on Saturday, I was so exhausted that I woke up at noon on Sunday. Good thing that I had no other engagements for the day, except watching the NBA all star game and the Oscars back and forth. By the time I woke up today, I was ready t

My Journey to a New Season

It has been a wonderful TV week lately. Between the “Linsanity” taking the sport world by the storm (and in the process crushing my Raptors) and Tony Robbins being a guest on an Oprah show, I had a blast. For those of you who are not Basketball fans, maybe it is your first time hearing about the term “Linsanity”. It is simply a word that fans created out of the insane few weeks that the new Basketball sensation Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks has been having. This kid is something. It's nothing short of a miracle what is happening to him. Out of Harvard (which is not a great Basketball school), Jeremy tried to find a professional team that could use his services. Luckily, the Golden State Warriors took him, but only for a short period of time. He got let go, and Houston took him for a while before cutting him as well. Out of desperation because of a lack of point guards, New York picked him for a 10 day contract, but sent him to the development league where he played just one g

My Journey to a Meeting with an Eleven Old Genius

This time I did not need Jim to remind me about writing my blog. I knew exactly what I was going to write about. But I took some time to process my thoughts. I can't stop thinking about Whitney Houston passing away. The world just missed one of the best in the history of entertainment. That's my opinion. It's been quite a week! We attended a networking event last Tuesday, and a number of people we met showed interest in what we do and wanted to attend a series of events we had scheduled. Actually, I just returned from one of them and oh what a fun time I am having delivering the presentations. Last Saturday, Paul, my friend Bonnie and I had an event early in the morning, and it seemed like the weather was not going to work with us. Nevertheless, we had a packed house in spite of the snow. On our way to the event, Paul decided to go to the store and buy a light bulb and an airplane (not a real one of course. It was a toy). In my mind, I was like “what in the world is he

My Journey to an Almost Forgotten Blog

I am heading to a meeting with our new business partner, my mind is already on our tomorrow's event (a big one), and all of sudden I hear my phone beeping. It's Jim. And I read: “are you posting your blog today?” Shoot. I had completely forgotten about my blog. Thanks to Jim, you are now reading today's blog. I texted him back saying that the blog would be ready in 45 minutes. That was before noon. Now it is almost 10.30 PM and the blog is not finished yet. That how busy I was today. I must admit that I would have finished the blog earlier, but my wife found a way for us to watch back to back episodes of “The Mentalist” and I am writing during commercial breaks (yes I can multitask...). Plus, the Raptors are playing double overtime (and just lost)... The good thing is that, along the way, I got inspired and now know exactly what I am going to write about. After my text to Jim, a friend of mine (freshly arrived from Burundi) came at our house with a package for me, sent