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My Journey to a Bookstore

A funny thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Do you remember that a few weeks back I wrote back to back blogs about Simon Cowell? I hope you do remember. Otherwise, go back to those blogs and read them before you proceed with this one. Are you done? Great. While you were reading them, it gave me time to rest a bit... Just the other day, I went downtown Toronto to get some special dish for my wife (you should check out the Somalian restaurant downtown...). On my way there, I said to myself that I should pass by my second favourite place in Toronto (the first being a place where I can buy food lol). My second favourite place is...the bookstore. Sometimes I go to a bookstore, pick up a book, read it entirely right and there, and ending up buying it. Go figure. Anyways, as I entered the bookstore, the first book I see is... Sweet Revenge . The title did not mean much to me, it was the picture on the cover. Guess who was on the cover? Simon Cowell himself. There was no way I could miss

My Journey to a Week-end with Friends

It's been a week that, almost every day we have a visitor or two at our home. It really feels good. For some of them it's been a very long time since we saw each other, some others it's been only weeks. Either way, we had great time. For sports fans, this is one of the greatest moments of the year. The NBA and the NHL are in the heat of the Playoffs, soccer fans were enjoying the final game of the European Champions League (how about Didier Drogba!) I am so glad that my wife has agreed to watch Basketball with me. Although she played the game long time ago, she is not really a big fan of the NBA. Thank God she is now starting to loving it even though she doesn't like so much my Lakers lol. Just the other day, we were watching San Antonio playing the Los Angeles Clippers. I was so much impressed by the Spurs. Wow, these guys put on a show of excellence in all aspects of the game. By the end of the second quarter, they were down 24 points. I was worried that they were

My Journey With an Old Man

Have you been in a situation when nothing seems to work? You do the best you can but, instead of getting better, things seem to get worse and worse. Then you say to yourself: “maybe I am not trying hard enough”. You double your work, you wake up earlier, you focus more, but in vain? Well, that has been my life the last few weeks. I won't lie and say that it is not frustrating. Of course there has been plenty of blessings lately, but it's been hard to focus on them when you are facing insurmountable obstacles. After a while, I got tired of this and decided to take some time off for some soul searching. Then, I remembered a story that goes like this: An old guy was sleeping, and his grand kids decided to make fun of him and put a piece of cheese on his nose while he was sleeping. When he woke up he exclaimed: “this room stinks”. He left his bedroom, went in the living room and found out the same thing: “this room also stinks” he said. He decided to go outside, maybe the backya

My Journey to a Week-End of Fun

She was growing suspicious with time. All those text messages, e-mails and phone calls that I was hiding from her got her to finally asking me: “what's going on with you?” I didn't want to lie to my wife, so I told her the truth: “My sister-in-law is preparing your baby shower”. For some of you, this may be breaking news (no I don't work for CNN...). Yes, we are expecting a baby boy in the month of June. So, now she knew what was going on. But what I did not tell her was the day and the venue of the event. She thought it would be in the month of June, and she was a little bit worried because she thought that we did not have a big enough place to hold a party. To which I responded: “Don't worry. We live near a park that can hold hundreds of people”. She thought I was crazy. We had only a few weeks to prepare, my sister-in-law took charge of everything. She should be an event planner. I was really impressed. The only thing I did was secure the venue. The rest was in he