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My Journey Back on Stage

I finally got a haircut last Wednesday. Yes, I had my funny hair fashion for seventy two hours. I guess it was for a reason as when I  got to the barbershop, guess who was there getting his haircut? Toronto Raptors' (and Toronto native) Jamaal Magloire. This guy is HUGE. At first I wanted to go to him and ask for an autograph, a picture or something, but I remembered my funny haircut and I decided to stay away from him. He seems to be a nice guy though. Maybe he would have said yes to my request. I guess I will see him around again soon. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me to speak to a group of professional immigrants from Haiti. It was a couple of minutes away from home, so I said yes. It was really fun. I made very good contacts there, one of them hooked me up to a Speakers Bureau, and long story short, I am part of their speakers now. The first engagement was last week when I spoke to an amazing group of students about the Black History Month. Two days after my pr

My Journey to a Haircut.

Hello there. It's been a while since I posted my blog on Monday. It feels really good. I have to admit that the inspiration is not there all the time. Sometimes I have to wait until I have an idea of what I am going to write about. This week, the idea came to me just yesterday when I was having my haircut. You see, it has been almost seven years that I cut my hair myself. Every two weeks, all I have to do is getting my machine, and ten minutes later I am better looking (at least that is what the survey says lol). So, here I was yesterday evening, in front of my mirror, ready to do a job that I have been doing for almost a decade now. Can you guess what happened? Two minutes into mjob, the machine died. Are you kidding me!! There was nothing I could do. My hair looked exactly like that bush we always see on TV while watching people on Safari in Kenya. The only thing missing was those wild animals lol. I went in the living room to show my wife my new haircut and she explod

My Journey to an Achieved Goal

Here am again after a week off. I know that you really missed me. Do you want to know how I know? Because I received a text from my friend Jeff in Kigali asking me why I did not post my blog last week. He asked me what many of you wanted to know. The truth is that I had my blog ready but my phone could not allow me to post it. Now I am using my wife's phone. My computer h as been down for a while, I think that I will have to replace it. So, Jeff, by the time you wake up, the blog will be waiting for you. This week, my friend Emmanuel Lopez, a.k.a Motivatorman , made my life so easy. He shared in his blog what I wanted to write about this week. How about I let you see it by yourself? Here it is. Hope you will enjoy it. Click Here To Read