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Journey to meeting the Journeyman

It has been  interesting journey since I started blogging in 2009. Who would have thought it would lead to sharing on the journeymans blog!  (It's like winning the Oscar) more on this later.. Patrick Bizindavyi aka Journeyman has mentioned my name more a that  few times on this blog. For various reasons regarding accountability, networking and speaking. It's a humbling honor to share on this prestigious blog (warmup my speech) It was 2011 and I join a mastermind mind group which I was reluctant to join in the beginning, being surrounded by all these accomplished speakers and entrepreneurs, I felt that I didn't have anything to contribute. Credit Phil Taylor for his persistence and encourage that I did. What happening next was truly the beginning of an extraordinary journey of accomplishing and creating amazing business and personal relationship with 5 amazing men. I have done may various talk all over Ontario sharing the stage with Patrick in Newmarket  and  Downtown Toron