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My Journey to a New Passion

I  really don’t know how I am standing now and not sleeping. Last night I slept only a couple of hours. Do you know what I was doing? I was watching documentaries. It is my new passion now. I remember one of my coaches saying how Netflix could be a dangerous thing when you don’t pay attention. How true were his words! After a movie or a documentary, Netflix always suggests one or two more documentaries similar to what you just watched; and I found myself saying yes to all of them. Before I knew, it was five o’clock in the morning. It is crazy. However, I learned so much from those documentaries. I went from politics to business, from fashion to music. And from Basketball to…I don’t even remember. I think the last one I watched was on Tony Robbins. It was fascinating. While browsing the Internet, I bumped into a short video. It was so amazing that I watched it several times, and even sent it to a number of friends. My friend Roger wrote me back to say that it felt like the vide

My Journey to New Resolutions

As I am writing this blog, it is almost one in the morning.  My wife and I are watching a Bobby Brown interview about his life with Whitney Houston. It is so captivating and my wife keeps asking: "why did she die?". I have heard so many times that Bobby was the reason why all the bad things happened to Whitney. I must say that it is refreshing to hear his side of the story. Regardless of who is right it is a very heart breaking story. There are always two sides to a story. Always. I always give people the benefit of the doubt and now, more than ever, I understand why. Anyways. Back to my promise of writing my blog every week. Here I am again. It has been a very productive week. I am anticipating a very busy month of February. Do you know why? Because it is the Black History Month. I have been involved in the festivities for many years. Now I work with a Speakers Bureau that has booked me for speaking engagements for the last two years. In fact they have alread

My Journey to the New Patrick in 2015 (Part 2)

Last week I was proud of myself and I think you should be proud of me too. The reason why I say this is because I kept my commitment to send you the blog this week. Some of my friends stepped up last week and agreed to hold me accountable and to make sure that I keep my word. Some others did it in a more informal way. This weekend, I was at a reception, and while I was about to go and serve myself some food, a friend came over and said: ‘remember your promise to eat less food’. Somebody has been reading my blog. Changing habits is not an easy thing. In fact, last week was a little bit hard for me to keep the lifestyle I promised myself to follow. If I were to grade myself, I would give myself a six out of ten. Needless to say there is a lot of room for improvement. To be honest, when it comes to the food part, I think I can actually increase the score to eight out of ten (just because I am hard on myself). I have also been catching up with people that I haven’t spoken to

My Journey to the New Patrick in 2015

I am so proud of myself. I just reached a milestone with one of my goals on my list of this year’s resolutions; I  published a blog! I have a goal of publishing 52 blogs this year, meaning that I will not miss even one week and I would like you my readers to hold me accountable please. Aren't you happy that you won’t miss me this year? I know that you are celebrating and dancing now (by the way, your dance moves need some improvement, lol) Yes I am back and it's for good! You may ask yourself why did I stop writing? To tell you the truth, I don’t know. Maybe I got carried away with the hustle of life that I failed to connect with you, my dear readers. I truly and sincerely apologize; it will not happen again.   This blog won’t be long; I am only checking in. But before I go, I want to let you know that….Are you ready to hear this? Are you REALLY sure that you want to hear this? Ok, now that you insist, I am going to tell you. I am eatin