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My Journey with the Unexpected

 It is one of those crazy weeks. I am commuting like crazy going from place to place, at the same time trying to get ready for our workshop coming up this Saturday. Picture this. I have five presentations for the Black History Month this week (two of them happening outside of the city), my church is starting an outreach program in partnership with a refugee shelter, and I am doing a leadership training on Sunday (after a whole day seminar on Saturday). On top of that, I have to respond to my boss (do you remember that one?). Crazy week indeed. Thank God one of my presentations was rescheduled for March. I really don’t know how I would have pulled that off. You know what? I am not complaining at all. Being busy does help me get my mind off stuff that are not going well. I think each one of us has at least one of those.  The one thing I love about being busy is the unexpected. Yesterday, I had a meeting scheduled with Paul, my friend and business partner. We had it booked for

My Journey with my Boss

As the church service was finished a couple of weeks ago, I went to look for my two and half year daughter where she was with other kids. We came over to the big auditorium and she rushed towards the drums (I guess she had found her career). She loves playing musical instruments a lot. Here she is, making a lot of noise with the drums, and I find myself calling her: “Skylar come here”. I said. She looked at me and just says: “No”. This went on for about three minutes. I wanted her to come over so that I can help her put on her jacket as it was time to go home. As she kept playing the drums, two friends of mine were standing nearby laughing. When I asked them why they were laughing, they just said: “we now can see who the boss is”. Clearly, she is the boss. I got to experience it again this weekend. We had made plans to go out with friends on Valentine’s Day. Everything was in place for us to go out and have fun. We even had a friend who agreed to take care of Skylar when we wer

My Journey in the Snow

As I am writing now, I can tell you that I am not with a hundred percent of my strength. I have been in bed with a nasty cold. I guess that the snow and crazy temperatures that we have been experiencing in Toronto got the best out of me. So, bear with me if I write less stuff today. Even though the last few days have been rough, there are a lot of positives I can talk about. First, our church moved into a new location (a long-time coming project) and we kicked things off with a conference with an outstanding speaker and mentor of ours. He was amazing as usual. Another positive? I am currently speaking with a movie production company who will do a documentary about my speaking tour with the Black History Month. I was so surprised when the speakers’ bureau contacted me about this project. The shooting will begin this week. I would like to add that the Toronto Raptors are winning again as part of the positives of the week. Speaking of Basketball, my daughter has been obs

My Journey with A Wise Man

                                                          His name carries a lot of weight where I am from. In fact he has been of service for our country for over five decades. He has earned tons of respect from his countrymen. It was with great surprise that one day as I was checking my voicemail and heard his voice. He needed not to mention his name. I recognized his voice right away. He mentioned that he got my name from a friend of mine who told him a lot about me (I really don’t know what he heard, but I am glad I was the recipient of his call). I called him back and we agreed to meet a week later. The meeting did not happen that week or that month. For some reasons something was coming up all the time. We did not get to meet, until a few weeks ago. I was attending an event, and he happened to be there. I went to him, with a lot of respect, mentioned my name and shook his hand. It was like being in front of a monument. I do respect the guy. We talked a little bi