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My Journey from a Trip

With a few friends, we just came from Montreal where we went to support a friend of ours celebrating his engagement. It was a great event, and of course the food was amazing. I thought I would never eat again lol I needed the trip for many reasons one of which being rest. A change of environment is always good for me. There was a lot on my mind that I needed to "escape". What's happening in Burundi is not good at all. While I was away, Paul, my business partner took care of a few things, including a three hour workshop. I missed that one. Anyways. I am starting to miss the NBA. What a treat these finals!! My friend Alix couldn't handle watching the end of Game 6. His love for Lebron James couldn't allow him to watch Cleveland's last game of the season. The Warriors were almost impossible to handle. What a great story! There were not supposed to be there, according to the "specialists". Let's see. This is a short list of what was said:

My Journey with Kissa

Kissa was his nickname because he was born in Kisangani Congo. He was, at first, my brother's friend before I got to know him. My brother always told me about this bright, table tennis champion guy who can finish reading an entire novel in a matter of hours. I was curious to meet him. I finally did, and in the following years we became great friends. I remember him joining our basketball team at the university. It was a tradition that new team members had to wait for a year before they got any playing time (at least that was in my case and many others). This was not the case for Kissa. In a matter of months, he became the starting point guard of the team. I was impressed. My initial reaction was to ask him how he did it. He laughed and simply said: "All I have to do is find my passion and do whatever I can to be the best". To this day, I still remember the sentence. Our friendship grew to a whole new level over the years. In 1994, we created a Sports Newspap